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Origins of Oligasis

Oligasis (o-LIG'-ah-sis) means cure the small one.  The Company has its origins in one of the cofounder's moments of inspiration: the drug formats used to build the current generation of medicines were not up to the task of creating a treatment for his nephew's rare and fatal childhood disease.  He conceived of a new, flexible format crafted from intersecting thirty years of his scientific career.

Building on that insight, we have created a whole new way to imagine, design and build safer and higher efficacy medicines.

We have designed and are implementing the operating system to power a new era of multi-mechanism, multi-format, disease-centric pharmaceuticals.

A Breakthrough Technology for Pharmaceuticals

Most diseases are multi-factorial in that there are multiple mechanisms contributing to the disease.  Unfortunately, today's workhorse drug formats can be engineered to do only one thing, which means that current drugs are uni-functional and allow for very little of the vast and growing knowledge of a disease to be brought to bear into the design of the medicine itself.  Today, most drugs are incremental in their efficacy.

The Oligasis technology was designed from inception for multi-functionality.  We have created a scaffold technology that enables drug developers, in an elegant way, to connect many different functional agents (large molecule drugs, small molecule drugs, targeting agents, imaging agents) into a single interconnected medicine.  Due to the flexible nature of the platform, the drug developer can produce any desired ratio between the different functional agents thereby allowing fine tuning of the various activities to provide maximum efficacy and safety.  At the heart of the system is an Extreme Biocompatibility matrix that effectively masks the medicine, with its diverse functional components, from the body's surveillance systems.

Today, statisticians are the final arbiter as to whether a drug works.  At Oligasis, we believe this is unacceptable.  Drugs need to have a level of efficacy such that even a child can look at the data and say whether it works.  By building a technology that uniquely enables multi-functional medicines, we are allowing the breadth of biology and disease knowledge to be brought to bear into the design and development of the next generation of medicines.

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November 2012.  Oligasis announces fourth and fifth pharmaceutical agreements with Pfizer in which Oligasis will apply its toolkit of Extreme Biopolymers to two additional Pfizer pharmaceutical programs.

April 2012. Oligasis announces an agreement with a top tier pharmaceutical company in which Oligasis will apply its Extreme Biopolymer platform to one of the Company's pharmaceutical programs.

Science Journal Articles

The fundamental science of water structuring drives the extreme biocompatibility of Oligasis' biopolymers and is the subject of recent Science articles:

Chen M et al (2009) Lubrication at Physiological Pressures by Polyzwitterionic Brushes. Science 323, 1698.

Raviv U et al (2002) Fluidity of Bound Hydration Layers. Science 297, 1540.

Marketed Medical Devices

Oligasis’ technology starts with well-established principles, proven in the following marketed medical devices, and reinvents them entirely for attachment to soluble drugs:

CooperVision's Proclear contact lenses.

Medtronic's Endeavor drug-eluting coronary stent.

Sorin's PrimO2X oxygenators and perfusion tubing systems.