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Origins of Oligasis

Oligasis (o-LIG'-ah-sis) means cure the small one.  The Company has its origins in one of the cofounder's moments of inspiration: the drug formats used to build the current generation of medicines were not up to the task of creating a treatment for his nephew's rare and fatal childhood disease.  He conceived of a new, flexible format crafted from intersecting thirty years of his scientific career.

Building on that insight, we have created a whole new way to imagine, design and build safer and higher efficacy medicines.

About Us

Oligasis is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the discovery and development of best in class retinal medicines for wet and dry forms of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The Oligasis pipeline utilizes its Bioconjugate technology, a proprietary product platform that combines state of the art biologics design with next generation phosphorylcholine Biopolymers.

:: Extreme Biocompatibility :: Clinically Proven Precedent

Science Journal Articles

The fundamental science of water structuring drives the extreme biocompatibility of Oligasis' biopolymers and is the subject of recent Science articles:

Chen M et al (2009) Lubrication at Physiological Pressures by Polyzwitterionic Brushes. Science 323, 1698.

Raviv U et al (2002) Fluidity of Bound Hydration Layers. Science 297, 1540.

Marketed Medical Devices

Oligasis’ technology starts with well-established principles, proven in the following marketed medical devices, and reinvents them entirely for attachment to soluble drugs:

CooperVision's Proclear contact lenses.

Medtronic's Endeavor drug-eluting coronary stent.

Sorin's PrimO2X oxygenators and perfusion tubing systems.