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Stephen A. Charles, Ph.D., Founder

Stephen A. Charles, Ph.D., cofounded Oligasis with Dr. Perlroth to exploit a patented technology of which he is the inventor.  From inception through 2014, Dr. Charles served as Chief Technology Officer of the Company. From 2001 to 2006, Dr. Charles was Vice President of Business Development & Alliance Management at Nektar Therapeutics.  In 1998, Dr. Charles joined Shearwater Polymers as Vice President of Corporate Development and in 2001 was instrumental in selling the company to Inhale Therapeutic Systems for $190 million.  The merged company is now known as Nektar Therapeutics.  Before joining Shearwater, Dr. Charles served as Commercial Development Director of PolyMASC Pharmaceuticals, a UK company specializing in PEGylation.  Prior to joining PolyMASC, Dr. Charles held senior R&D management positions at Oxford GlycoSystems (a life sciences company specializing in glycoproteins), Biocompatibles (a company specializing in biocompatible coatings for medical devices including biocompatible hydrogels for soft contact lenses) and Amersham International (a company specializing in non-radioactive immunodiagnostics including biosensors).  During his career, Dr. Charles conceived and played key development roles in multiple successful, technology-rich, long-lived, marketed product platforms: J&J Ortho’s Vitros central laboratory diagnostic system (formally Amersham’s Amerlite system); GE Healthcare’s Biacore biosensor (technology developed at Amersham); CooperVision’s Proclear range of contact lenses (technology developed at Biocompatibles); Medtronic’s Endeavor drug-eluting coronary stent (technology developed at Biocompatibles); and the following PEGylated biopharmaceutical products (technology developed at Shearwater/Nektar): Neulasta, Pegasys, Cimzia, Mircera, Somavert, and Macugen.  Dr. Charles earned his B.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in biochemistry from the University of London.